18 Tips for A Healthy Heart

Your Heart is  a non-stop pump. It beats till death. Therefore, it is a priority to keep to your Heart healthy.

Here are some tips to keep your Heart fit as fiddle:

1. Get 8 Hours of Sleep:

It is important to have undisturbed sleep for eight hours. Only while your sleeping can your body relax completely and start repairing process. The same holds true for your heart. Moreover, while asleep your heart beats slower with less intensity. This reduces the strain on your heart.

2: Lower Your Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is resistant to blood flow. Therefore, if there is high blood pressure (greater resistance) your heart tends to pumps harder to counter the resistance. Talk with your GP on how to lower blood pressure. Common advise is to avoid salt, alcohol, smoking and high fat foods.

3: Get Moving:

If you are sitting, walk. If you are walking, run. In short, get moving, Dont succumb to sendantary lifestyle. If you can take the stairs then avoid lift. If you can stand and work, don’t sit. Exercising for 30 minutes a day and resting the entire time wont’ help.

4: Lower Chances of Diabetes:

If you are obese and have a sedentary lifestyle with high blood pressure then you are at high risk for diabetes. Talk with your doctor on how to control diabetes. People with diabetes are more likely to damage their heart and suffer a Heart Attack.

5: Avoid Processed Fruit Juices:

A can of fruit juice is tempting. They may also have nutrients but also contain empty calories. Theses calories do no good apart from increasing weight. This weight gain in turn puts strain on your heart.

6: Quit Smoking (Even Electronic):

Quit smoking now and it will be the greatest gift to your health. Some people prefer e-ciggerates to real ones. Unfortunately, these e-ciggereates. also contain nicotine which are bad for heart.

7: Get a Hobby:

Your daily job will tire you. This will build up stress harmful to your heart. Bring the stress levels down with a hobby. It can be anything. Try gardening, walking your dog, hanging out with friends or even strolling around the block. Do something that will take your mind off from serious issues.

8: Consume Dark Chocolates (Everything in Moderation)

Dark chocolates are healthier for heart. Upon ingestion, the flavanols within dark chocolate form nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide helps in expanding of arteries thereby reducing blood pressure. The result being less strain on your heart.

9: Limit Salt Intake:

Most consume twice the amount of salt than recommended. Just decreasing table salt content in your food won’t help. We get salts from processed and restaurants foods. Hence, avoid restaurants and processed foods completely and watch your regular salt intake.

10: Listen to Lower Tempo

Music has the ability to lower blood pressure. But not all music. Lower tempo music are the ones. Get your iPod filled with lower temp musics and relax for a healthy heart.

11: Use Olive Oil

The antioxidants present in olive oil can reverse and prevent cellular damage. Damage of red cells are part responsible for heart attacks. However, ensure not to heat till the oil smokes. Best way is to drizzle some oil on your food.

12: Eat Fruits and Vegetables Daily:

Eat whole fruits and vegetables. You can juice them and drink. However, most nutrients are gained through eating them whole. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables and see the increased health of your heart.

13: Cut Down on Sugar:

Sugar is bad for heart and health in total. In fact, it is root cause for Heart Attack. No matter what the food industry tells, sugar is bad for you. According to American Heart Association only 9 teaspoon for men and 6 teaspoon for women are recommended daily. Sadly, most of us consume 22 teaspoon which 4 times the regular amount. To know more about how sugar affects your heart read How Sugar Kills Your Heart Everyday.

14: Eat Nuts:

Nuts are great. Eat any type of nut or have a mix of all. Add them in salads and just eat them. Next time you want that cookie or chips get a handful of nuts instead.

15: Eat Fish:

Fish are good for your Heart and overall health. Swap red meat for fish and have them at least twice a week. Eat any type of fish you like. The Omega-3 in fish helps your heart to stay young. Oily fishes such as Salmon, Tuna and Sardines contain higher amount of Omega-3 fatty acids.

16: Start Your Day with a Healthy Breakfast:

How you start your day will decide the rest. Same holds true for food. Start your day with junk food and you will end up eating more junk foods. Start your day with healthy food and you will eat more healthy foods. A great break fast is oats and omelette. Though egg contains cholesterol evidence show that dietary cholesterols have no harmful effects on heart.

17: Add Beans to Your Diet

Adding beans to your diet lowers LDL cholesterol according to researches from Canada. After analyzing data from various clinical trials they found that after consuming half a cup of beans per day for six weeks reduces LDL by 5%.

18: Try Plant Based Diet

A report in the Journal of Family Practice confirms that it is possible to improve conditions of heart patients and completely reverse heart disease. 189 patients were asked to follow plant based diet. The result saw an astonishing 89% improve their condition while 22% saw complete reversal of heart disease.

That’s all folks!

Do you have any tip for a healthy heart? Let us know in the comment section.