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9 Common Things That Damage Your Heart

Caring about your Heart is your priority. Unfortunately, most of us are unaware as to what can damage our heart. Although, we know factors like smoking, diabetes, alcohol and stress are the culprits. We ignore the little things that hurt our heart on a daily basis. Today we are going to look


Heart Attack in Women after Menopause and How to Prevent It

After menopause, risk of Heart Attack is doubled. This (risk) increases further, 10 years after menopause. One in three adult women have Heart Attack. In fact, Heart Attack is leading killer of women in United States. Note: Menopause does not cause Heart Attack. Risk factors that cause Heart Attack after menopause are:


Basics of Angina and How to Recover From It

While being active (abnormal to your rest level) if a squeezing pain hits your chest and passes off upon resting, then its an Angina. Actually, Angina literally means pain. To refer Angina relating to Heart Attack, it is called as Angina pectoris (simply put ‘pain in the chest’).¬†Therefore, this pain in the


7 Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

  Few days ago we discussed Heart Attack symptoms. It was written in general. However, women’s symptoms differ slightly than men. Though most symptoms of men and women are same, it is important to have a separate topic catering to women. This is the reason we have come up with 7 Heart


19 Ways to Prevent a Heart Attack

Prevention is always better than cure. If you are at a high risk for heart attack, why not prevent it? Moreover, if you haven’t been heart conscious, or physically active, then follow below ways for heart attack prevention. 19 Ways to Prevent a Heart Attack 1.Have Sex: An excellent way to prevent


14 Signs of Heart Attack

  Each year 735,000 Americans suffer from heart attack. Most of them survive, while few of them don’t even make to the Emergency Room.¬†Usually, heart attack starts slow. And different people have different signs of heart attack. Some experience mild pain while others severe. Chest pain, however, is a common heart attack