3 Steps to A Healthy Blood for Your Heart

A smooth flowing blood is vital for a healthy heart. Make it viscous and your heart needs to pump harder. Increase stickiness of platelets and they clot easily. Finally, if there is high triglyceride level, plaque forms within arteries.

All above factors lead to Heart Attack. 

For blood to flow smoothly, it must be less viscous, low in triglycerides and blood platelets shouldn’t stick easily.

How to Make Your Blood Less Viscous?

Actually, we aren’t going to make blood less viscous. Blood is already in perfect proportion. We will learn not to make it more viscous than normal.

Glucose is our body’s energy source. If glucose level falls low, we become weak. If level is high it leads to diabetes (in the long run).

A high glucose level makes the blood viscous and stickier than before. This results in heart pumping stronger than to keep the blood flowing. Evidently, heart comes under strain not to mention increased in blood pressure.

Therefore, first step is keep your glucose level strictly under control.

But wait, how do I measure my blood’s glucose level?

Well, you don’t need any fancy instrument. Glucose level in blood is indicator of hunger. When the level falls below normal you get hungry. And when level comes to normal you feel full. However, there is one problem. It takes time for the signal (glucose returning to normal) to reach your brain. Hence, you tend to overeat.

Eat slowly. Cherish each morsel. Some doctors recommend chewing each morsel for at least 20 seconds before swallowing. In this manner, you wont overeat when the satiating signal hits your brain.

 How to Keep triglycerides level Low in Blood?

Answer to this question is simple. Avoid saturated fats (animal fats). If you are trying to prevent heart attack then keep saturated fats in limits. Don’t consume more than 7% of total daily calories from saturated fat.

If you had previous heart attack then avoid completely.

Note: There is new research indicating saturated fat has no relation with heart attack. However, it needs validation from respective authorites. Till then we will stick with old rule of blaming saturated fat.

Important note: Avoid liver if you have heart disease.

How to Keep Blood Platelets Less Stickier?

Avoid Smoking. It is that simple.

Smoking makes the blood platelets sticky. Instead of flowing smoothly, they start to clot when there is minor disturbance.

Of course, the ability to clot is necessary in healing of tissue. But we do not want unnecessary clotting.

Moreover, smoking makes the overall resting diameter of arteries smaller. This again hinders flow of blood.

Finally, it makes red blood cells stiff. We know red blood cells are disc shape in size. Hence, they are larger in one side. Now, since they are flexible, these red blood cells can easily pass through arteries. When smoking makes them stiff they are no longer flexible. And passing through arteries becomes hard resulting in minor blockages which are only visible under microscope.

To conclude the three steps required to keep your blood heart healthy are:

  1. Maintain your blood glucose level within normal range.
  2. Limit or avoid saturated fats
  3. Avoid Smoking