5 Heart Rate Myths You Think Are True

Here are 5 Myths about Heart Rate which you think are true.

Erratic Heart Rate Indicates Heart Attack

An Erratic heart beat is called palpitations. You will feel like your heart is fluttering or pounding. Though it is common during an episode of heart attack, often it’s not. However, if you have breathing difficulty along with palpitations, then its most likely heart attack.

Here are the things that cause palpitations:

  1. Exercise
  2. Stress
  3. Caffeine
  4. Alcohol
  5. Smoking
  6. Some Medications
  7. Supplements
  8. Thyroid Disorder

Normal Pulse Indicates Normal Blood Pressure

There is no relation between pulse and pressure. A person with normal pulse can have high blood pressure. On, the other hand, someone with normal blood pressure can have abnormal pulse.

Faster Pulse Indicates You Are Stressed

Sometimes, yes but not always. When you exercise or are excited your heart beat shoots up. Even when you stand, after sitting, your pulse increases for the next 20 seconds.

The weather can affect your pulse. For instances, high temperature or high humidity cause heart to beat faster.

Thyroid medications may also increase your pulse.

60-100 Heart Pulse and 120/80 Blood Pressure is Normal

These are standard measurements. They do not indicate your levels. Every person is different. To get your standard levels you need to regularly check up with your doctor. If the numbers are abnormal and you are feeling good, its not a cause to worry.

Note: Take regular readings over a ┬áperiod of time to see what’s your normal levels.

Low Pulse Suggests Weak Heart

If you are fit and healthy, a resting hear rate of 40 is not a concern. However, if you don’t exercise and feel weak with a heart rate of <50 then you need medical help.

A fit heart will pump efficiently. Therefore, it needs less pumping action. But a weak heart is unable to pump properly, hence the low heart rate.

It really depends on how you feel.

What do you think? Were you able to relate with any Myth(s)?