7 Heart Attack Symptoms in Women


Few days ago we discussed Heart Attack symptoms. It was written in general. However, women’s symptoms differ slightly than men.

Though most symptoms of men and women are same, it is important to have a separate topic catering to women.

This is the reason we have come up with 7 Heart Attack Symptoms in women.

1.Pressure/Squeezing of Chest:

Women may feel heavy pressure at the center of chest. This pressure is usually described as heaviness or tightness of chest.

2.Jaw/Back/Shoulder Discomfort:

Discomfort in chest, arm (one or both), on the right shoulder. Usually this discomfort or pain goes and returns often.

3.Breaking out in Cold Sweat:

This is a common Heart Attach symptom in ¬†Women aged 55 and above. Most fail to relate this symptom with Heart Attack. Next time don’t hesitate to call your doctor or local helpline.

4.Shortness of Breath:

This symptoms stands true for both men and women. Shortness of breath accompanied with chest or back discomfort is sure sign of heart attack.

5.Stomach Pain:

Sometimes stomach pain can indicate Heart Attack. Several women think it us just the flu or stomach ulcer. But if you feel like an elephant is sitting on your stomach (intense pressure) then its mostly a heart attack.


If you are sitting still or haven’t been active in a while and you still feel fatigued then it is mostly heart attack. Women who experienced heart attack complained of tiredness in the chest.


You may also feel nausea or vomiting sensation.

The above listed symptoms can mean something different than heart attack. However, its your life at stake. Go with your gut. If you feel its probably heart attack call 911 or local helpline.

Here are some tips to lower your risk of heart attack:

  1. Maintain healthy body weight
  2. Quit Smoking
  3. Control Diabetes
  4. Check your Blood Pressure
  5. Exercise moderately 30 mins per day, 5 days per week.
  6. Don’t get stressed
  7. Stay active
  8. Consume less salt
  9. Get Cholesterol Checked

Hope we have touched most vital points.

How are you going to change your lifestyle? Let us know in the comments