I am a 29 yr old guy, husband and father. I work as an internet marketer full time. My life couldn’t be better. In short, I am blessed in all possible ways.

The reason behind this blog is in memory of my father. Although he passed away after battling with cancer, he was a heart patient for nearly a decade.

I wasn’t there with him on the first and second attack. But was at his side on the third.  At the age of 24 I could see his suffer from the pain. Finally, when he was diagnosed with cancer, another mild stroke made him weak.

Even while writing this sentence the imaginations are so vivid that my eyes have become blurry.

So, in his memory I wanted to do something. Something that not only will remind me of him but will make a difference in the lives of several others.

I decided to start a blog about cancer and heart attack. Of the two I was comfortable with heart attack. Obviously because I have seen him suffer for years with heart attack than with cancer.

And so here I am, creating a blog with all possible information about heart attack.

Richie Richardson