Atorvastatin (Lipitor) Side Effects and Safety Information

Lipitor is a cholesterol lowering drug. It is prescribed to adults and children above 10. In cases where the cholesterol numbers won’t come down even after low fat diet and exercise Lipitor or commonly known as Atorvastatin is used.

Here are side effects of Atorvastatin (Lipitor)

Muscle Problem:

Lipitor can cause serious muscle pain and damage. It can also lead to kidney failure. The chance of muscle damage increases if you take other medications with Lipitor.

Liver Problems:

People with liver problem should not take Lipitor. Therefore, your doctor should run a blood test before prescribing Lipitor. Below are symptoms of liver problem and you should call your doctor if you notice any of them:

  • feeling tired and weak
  • skin or eyes turning into yellowish color
  • if your urine is amber color
  • pain in upper belly
  • loss of appetite

Other Side Effects of Lipitor

Other noted side effects of Lipitor are Diarrhea, upset stomach, joint pain, memory loss, confusion, tiredness and tendon problems.

Call Your Doctor Immediately If you Notice Any Below Signs

  1. Unusual muscle pain and weakness. This may or may not be accompanied with fever
  2. Muscle pain or general problem which does not pass away even after stopping Lipitor
  3. Swelling of face/tongue/nose resulting in breathing difficulty
  4. Nausea or Vomiting
  5. Dark colored urine
  6. Allergic skin reaction
  7. skin or whites of eyes turns yellow
  8. Abdominal Pain

Who Should Avoid Lipitor

  • Anyone who is allergic to Lipitor
  • People with Liver Problems
  • Women who are trying to conceive, are pregnant or nursing

General Safety Information before taking Lipitor

  • Tell your doctor about your health condition
  • Let your doctor know if you are taking any other medication
  • If you have diabetes tell your doctor about it. Lipitor are known to increase blood sugar levels.
  • Your doctor must do a blood test prior to prescribing Lipitor to ensure liver’s function.