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Is It Heart Attack or Heartburn? Find Out Now

Symptoms of Heartburn and Heart Attack usually appear similar. But both are different. Even experts sometimes have difficulty in diagnosing. However, in this post we will try to sort out the difference. First lets understand Heartburn and Heart Attack. What is Heartburn? Although Heartburn contains the word ‘Heart’ it has nothing to


How a Coronary Angiogram is Performed and When?

In layman term, Angiogram is X-ray imaging of blood vessels. Blood vessels don’t show up in X-rays. Hence, an Angiogram is required to look at blood vessels. An Angiogram can be performed in any region. However, it is mostly associated with heart. When Coronary Angiogram is Recommended? When you have an episode


Basics of Angina and How to Recover From It

While being active (abnormal to your rest level) if a squeezing pain hits your chest and passes off upon resting, then its an Angina. Actually, Angina literally means pain. To refer Angina relating to Heart Attack, it is called as Angina pectoris (simply put ‘pain in the chest’).┬áTherefore, this pain in the