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4 Studies Proving Ordinary Angiograms Are Inaccurate

Inaccuracy in Angiograms has led to unnecessary Angioplasty and Bypass Surgeries. The inaccuracy lies not in the method but in the interpretation by doctors. It’s hard to believe that the same doctor can interpret Angiograms differently when images are shown at different dates. Here are 4 studies brining the inaccuracy of Angiogram


How a Coronary Angiogram is Performed and When?

In layman term, Angiogram is X-ray imaging of blood vessels. Blood vessels don’t show up in X-rays. Hence, an Angiogram is required to look at blood vessels. An Angiogram can be performed in any region. However, it is mostly associated with heart. When Coronary Angiogram is Recommended? When you have an episode