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Why Heart Attacks in Women is Often Overlooked by Doctors

A study was conducted on 2009 women and 976 men hospitalized for heart attack in 103 hospitals. It was found that chest pain was predominant symptom for men and women (around 80% for both sexes). Most women, however, prior to being hospitalized, never thought their symptoms could be related to heart health.


Must Read for All – It Will Save Your Life

We won’t discuss heart attack cause. We won’t advice you to take or avoid medication. And we certainly won’t ask you to buy anything. But this one tip will save your life ‘Avoid all processed foods.’ Our bodies are not meant to handle anything processed. Ice-creams are marketed as healthy because they


How To Spot A Heart Attack Weeks and Weeks Before It Happens

  This is probably the most important article you will ever read. There are several signs of heart attack. Sadly, these signs appear right over the brink of having a heart attack. In this post, however, you will learn how to spot a heart attack weeks and weeks before it actually happens.


This Seed Reduces Blood Sugar, Triglyceride & Is An Anti-Oxidant

Foxtail millet (a seed not grain) reduces blood sugar, triglyceride level and is an antioxidant. It is largely grown in China and Southern states of India especially Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. We all know to prevent Hear Attack, one needs to keep Blood Glucose and Triglyceride Level in check. And one needs


Is It Heart Attack or Heartburn? Find Out Now

Symptoms of Heartburn and Heart Attack usually appear similar. But both are different. Even experts sometimes have difficulty in diagnosing. However, in this post we will try to sort out the difference. First lets understand Heartburn and Heart Attack. What is Heartburn? Although Heartburn contains the word ‘Heart’ it has nothing to


3 Steps to A Healthy Blood for Your Heart

A smooth flowing blood is vital for a healthy heart. Make it viscous and your heart needs to pump harder. Increase stickiness of platelets and they clot easily. Finally, if there is high triglyceride level, plaque forms within arteries. All above factors lead to Heart Attack.  For blood to flow smoothly, it


18 Tips for A Healthy Heart

Your Heart is  a non-stop pump. It beats till death. Therefore, it is a priority to keep to your Heart healthy. Here are some tips to keep your Heart fit as fiddle: 1. Get 8 Hours of Sleep: It is important to have undisturbed sleep for eight hours. Only while your sleeping


How Vitamin C Prevents and Reverses Cardio Vascular Diseases

We know the cause of Heart Attack is formation of lesion within coronary arteries. These formation of lesions, according to Dr Linus Pauling, occurs due to deficiency in Vitamin C. When one consumes large doses of Vitamin C, Heart Attack or any other Cardio Vascular Disease is prevented. Who is Dr Linus


How Sugar Kills Your Heart Every Day

Sugar is also known as ‘sweet poison’. Most of our modern day disease can be linked to sugar. Sugar is also root cause of Heart Attack. And the only way to keep your Heart healthy is eliminating Sugar. How Sugar Causes Heart Attack? In our post Angina warn of a coming Heart


9 Common Things That Damage Your Heart

Caring about your Heart is your priority. Unfortunately, most of us are unaware as to what can damage our heart. Although, we know factors like smoking, diabetes, alcohol and stress are the culprits. We ignore the little things that hurt our heart on a daily basis. Today we are going to look