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Advance Tips for Reversing Heart Disease by Dr. Josh Axe

This is video by Dr. Josh Axe. In it you will learn some remarkable tips to reverse heart disease. Its worth watching.


Stop Inflammation With This One Powerful Anti-Oxidant

In our previous post about inflammation causing heart attack we discussed a concept called oxidation. If you haven’t read that post click here to read now. Only continue if you have read that post.  We discussed that inflammation is caused by oxidation. And oxidation occurs when free radicals combine with other molecules


How Vitamin C Prevents and Reverses Cardio Vascular Diseases

We know the cause of Heart Attack is formation of lesion within coronary arteries. These formation of lesions, according to Dr Linus Pauling, occurs due to deficiency in Vitamin C. When one consumes large doses of Vitamin C, Heart Attack or any other Cardio Vascular Disease is prevented. Who is Dr Linus