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Ibuprofen Leads to Heart Failure – FDA Warns

Ibuprofen belongs to a class of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs (NSAID). These drugs are widely used as painkillers and to combat fever. In 2005 FDA stated that Ibuprofen carried Cardiovascular Disease risk along with Gastro Intestinal bleeding. Moreover, it warned people with recent Bypass surgery to avoid Ibuprofen. Manufacturers of these drugs were


Complete List of Statin Side Effects

Physicians prescribe statins for patients with high cholesterol and decrease heart attack risk. Although statins are very effective, they have been associated with muscle pain, mental fuzziness, and digestive problems. It may cause liver damage on rare occasions. Statins commonly prescribed are; fluvastatin (Lescol), atorvastatin (Lipitor), pitavastatin (Livalo), lovastatin (Altoprev), rosuvastatin (Crestor)


Heart Stents – What is Their Life Expectancy?

How long does a stent last? This question troubles all those who had stent(s). Well, here is the shortest answer: stent is for life. In other words, stent is permanent. Stents are made up of metal. Usually, today’s stents are drug eluting. Stent is coated with anti clotting drug. When it’s placed


How Aspirin Works, Uses, Side Effects & Who Should Avoid

Aspirin was commonly prescribed as pain reliever. Today it is used to manage heart diseases. But, how many of us know how it works, its uses and side effects? Probably most take it for granted. In this post, we will look into how Aspirin works in preventing and managing heart attacks. How


How to Care for Your Heart After Bypass Surgery

After Bypass, the responsibility is yours. You need to work towards healing and getting back to normal life. Usually it takes 6 to 8 weeks. Your doctor must already have given a plan. However, we have  provided some crucial points which will help in getting your health back. Making Lists: As soon


How is Coronary Bypass Surgery Done & When?

Coronary artery bypass surgery is done using a healthy blood vessel to substitute damaged artery. When plaques build along the inner walls of arteries they restrict blood flow. A bypass surgery is done to bring the blood flow back to normal. When is Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Recommended? This entirely depends on


How Statins Work & Their Side Effects

Statins are medication used for lowering cholesterol. 80% of cholesterol is synthesized by human body while 20% come from diet. If cholesterol levels get high, Statins are used to bring it down. Statins can bring down the percentage of LDL to 50% and increases HDL by 15% within a short period. You


Coronary Angioplasty: How and When is it Done

After an Angiogram, depending upon the lesion Angioplasty is recommended. It is also advised in cases of emergency like after a Heart Attack. Angioplasty is fairly an easy procedure. It takes anywhere between 20 minutes to 2 hours. In some cases it can take more than 2 hours. Before Angioplasty: If your