How Sugar Kills Your Heart Every Day

Sugar is also known as ‘sweet poison’. Most of our modern day disease can be linked to sugar. Sugar is also root cause of Heart Attack. And the only way to keep your Heart healthy is eliminating Sugar.

How Sugar Causes Heart Attack?

In our post Angina warn of a coming Heart Attack, we discuss about how atherosclerosis is formed (the blockage causing heart attack).

First, inflammation occurs within Coronary arteries. To cope with inflammation our body forms plaque deposits. This deposit keeps piling for years. Finally, one day it breaks causing blood clot and resulting in Heart Attack.

Do you know where Sugar comes into play? It causes Inflammation, the very first step in Heart Attack cause.

So What Can Be Done?

The American Heart Association recommends no more than 9 and 6 teaspoon of sugar for men and women per day respectively. Most doctors, however, believe that this level is still high.

The major problem is that most of our food contains sugar. A typical American cereal is 75% sugar. A regular soda can contains 35 gm sugar which is equivalent to 140 calories or 8.75 teaspoon.

Considering American Heart Association recommendation on Sugar men achieve daily recommendation with a regular can of soda while women get an extra 45%.

Add with other processed and refined foods like white breads, rice, tea and coffee you could easily consume more than 100% of daily recommendation.

Think about the risk of heart attack over the years. And if you are among the many consuming high sugar foods, Heart Attack shouldn’t be a surprise.

The only logical step is to cut down on Sugar intake drastically.

How to Cut Sugar intake?

  1. Avoid soft drinks or any sweetened beverage. They contain the most sugar of all. No matter how you feel never get your hands on a sweetened beverage again.
  2. Avoid cookies, cakes, bread and pies.
  3. Avoid dairy desserts such as ice-cream and sweetened milk.
  4. Avoid foods containing high fructose corn syrup. Look at the ingredients list for high fructose corn syrup. Some common foods containing the above ingredient are ketchup, crackers, tomato sauce etc.
  5. Use natural sweeteners like stevia.

If you are a Heart Attack survivor it is more important to reduce Sugar intake. Talk with your GP or Cardiologist on possible ways of cutting on Sugar.

So, how are You going to cut on Sugar?