Must Read for All – It Will Save Your Life

We won’t discuss heart attack cause.

We won’t advice you to take or avoid medication.

And we certainly won’t ask you to buy anything.

But this one tip will save your life

‘Avoid all processed foods.’

Our bodies are not meant to handle anything processed.

Ice-creams are marketed as healthy because they contain milk. But they are processed and fats like trans fat are created which our body cannot handle.

Cakes seem harmless but they too contain trans fat.

Oils seem natural and pure but hit a search on how oils are processed. You will be blown away.

Meats are good only if they are grass fed.

What is The Relation of All These to Heart Attack?

There IS A RELATION not only with Heart Attack but with all diseases.

The moment modern (processed) foods came into our lifestyles these diseases became household names. Yes, there were cases of Heart Disease before industrialization but not so much as it is today.

If Cholesterol is the Culprit then why isn’t Heart Disease numbers reduced? Why are there more and more people succumbing to heart attacks?

We are not against the cholesterol theory, nor do we support it.

All We want to say is ‘avoid processed foods’.

Avoid any food that comes canned or packaged. Eat fresh veggies and grass fed animals. As far as possible, don’t use too much oil (yes, even olive oil). And avoid fried foods.

If you are a heart patient then follow this guideline for a week and notice the difference. Continue with your medication and all the advice your doctor gave. But ensure to eat organic.

Food from nature —-> Industry Process ——> Humans —– DON’T EAT

Food from nature —-> Humans ——- SAFE TO EAT

Note: We are not going to argue with people as to which is right or wrong. If you need proof, go 100% organic for a week and see the difference for yourself.

Try going organic for a week and let us know your experience.