Silent Heart Attack – Symptoms, Causes & Dangers

A Silent Heart Attack has almost no symptoms. Chances are you already had a Silent Heart Attack and you didn’t know. Maybe that’s why it is called Silent and Dangerous.

What are the Symptoms of Silent Heart Attack?

Though it has no symptoms, people experience

  • nausea
  • flu or cold symptoms
  • and general fatigue

There is no agonizing chest pain. You won’t feel breathing difficulty.

Since, silent heart attack symptoms passes after rest, most people fail to notice it.

What are the Causes of Silent Heart Attack?

Causes are similar to usual heart attacks. They are:

  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • High BP
  • Diabetes
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Inactive/sedentary lifestyle

What are the Dangers of Silent Heart Attack?

According to Wake Forest School of Medicine, Silent Heart Attacks are thrice deadlier than normal heart attacks. The reason is obvious as people do not opt for medical treatment as they are unaware.

What to do During Silent Heart Attack?

Call 911 or your local medical helpline. Tell them you might have an episode of Silent Heart Attack. Generally, cardiologists will try ruling out any cause of Silent heart attack. But insist to get checked up immediately. If possible, get your family member(s) or friends(s) to vouch for you.

Note: Silent Heart Attacks are more common than you think and deadly. Seek medical help even if you doubt something is wrong or you feel generally unwell of late.