How To Spot A Heart Attack Weeks and Weeks Before It Happens


spot heart attack

This is probably the most important article you will ever read. There are several signs of heart attack. Sadly, these signs appear right over the brink of having a heart attack. In this post, however, you will learn how to spot a heart attack weeks and weeks before it actually happens.

You will feel tired and drowsy:

As your arteries gets clogged, less blood passes in and out of your heart. To compensate, the heart works harder. This in turn leaves you tired and fatigue all day. You will start hitting the bed more than usual.

You will be out of breath all the time (if not most of the time):

The arteries are now partially blocked. Therefore, less blood is supplied to the organs than usual. Obviously, your lungs don’t get much oxygen since it gets less blood. And any activity will make you breathless.

You will become Weak:

As mentioned above, blood circulation to all organs lessens. When this happens, muscles and organs and deprived of oxygen. They all function poorly making you weak and fragile.

You will experience dizziness:

When blood flow is restricted to your organs you become. What happens when blood flow is restricted to your brain? Yes, that’s right. You will experience episodes of dizziness. When this happens it is time to take this issue seriously. Talk with your GP and find its real cause.

Tightness of Chest:

Finally, the onset of Heart Attack is heaviness of chest. You will experience chest pain. This pain will pass and return often. It feels as if someone is pressuring your chest or a heavy object has been placed.

Flu or Cold Symptoms:

Most heart attack patients have described that they felt like flu or cold symptoms few days before having a heart attack.

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