How Vitamin C Prevents and Reverses Cardio Vascular Diseases

We know the cause of Heart Attack is formation of lesion within coronary arteries. These formation of lesions, according to Dr Linus Pauling, occurs due to deficiency in Vitamin C. When one consumes large doses of Vitamin C, Heart Attack or any other Cardio Vascular Disease is prevented.

Who is Dr Linus Pauling?

Dr. Linus Pauling is an American Biochemist who has received two nobel prizes. He is well known for his Vitamin C against Cardio Vascular disease. He has written more than 1200 papers. He is especially known for his unified theory (one solution solves all) on cardio vascular disease.

The Root Cause of Heart Attack:

In the beginning, we stated that lesions are root cause of Heart Attack. These lesions are also known as atherosclerosis. Before it was believed that these lesions were entirely composed of LDL (commmonly known as bad cholesterol).

In recent times, it is found that the lesions are made of Lipoprotein (a). These are another form of LDL.

Why Lipoprotein (a) gets Deposited in the first place?

Well, Dr Linus Pauling states that the Lipoprotein (a) is deposited as a measure to strengthen the arteries. This in turn blocks the arteries resulting in less blood flow and finally to cardio vascular disease.

Vitamin C, interestingly, is responsible for strengthening arteries. When the body becomes deficient in Vitamin C, blood vessels become weak and burst open. A condition commonly known as scurvy.

When enough vitamin C is present in our body it keeps the artery strong. Therefore, no lesions occur. And if there are lesions, Vitamin C can help in reducing.

To support this statement, it is found in people with Cardio Vascular disease, containing lower amounts of Vitamin C.

What Should People with High Risk for Heart Attack Do?

As per Dr. Linus Pauling instruction, people at risk for Heart Attack should supplement their diet with Vitmain C. The reason to supplement is that our body does not produce Vitamin C. He points that nearly all mammals produce their own Vitmain C.

He states that, we humans, must have lost the ability to produce Vitamin C. Hence, it is necessary to supplement oneself.

His recommendation is as follows. For people who are at risk of Heart Attack should take 1000 mg of Vitamin C daily. And for those with previous Heart Attack should take 5 to 6  gms per day.

What are the Scientific Evidence to Back Dr. Linus Pauling Statements?

None. No study has been carried out as of yet. The entire recommendation of Dr. Linus Pauling is based on theoretical assumptions. Practical evidence using controlled study is yet to show significant result.

Dr. Linus Pauling has gained recognition among several consumers and most of them are following footsteps by popping Vitamin C daily. These followers state that they have seen significant changes in their health. There are praises for his books and various other works.

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